Probable diagnosis

I am only 26 and have been told by my neurolgist after my MRI scan that i have most like got MS. Had a lumbar puncture and being a Biomedical Scientist working in the lab a saw my results of this 1st hand. I am just waiting for my follow up appointment with the neurologist to discuss the results i already know and to presumably talk medication. Is there anything i should be asking him in particular and what would be useful to ask/know?

Hi Douglas and welcome to the site :slight_smile: I’m guessing a type 2 result meaning that you’re expecting confirmation of MS - I guess forewarned is forearmed so at least you are prepared for your appointment, but it doesn’t make it easier to accept :frowning: Given your science training, if I were you, I would read the Polman et al (2011) paper detailing the diagnostic criteria for MS as well as NICE’s CG8 full guidelines for MS. The other thing to do is to look at the msdecisions website - it has a lot of info on disease modifying drugs (DMDs). The NICE guidelines are currently under review so the eligibility criteria for DMDs may change, but at the moment the key criterion is having had at least two clinically significant relapses in two years. If you have, then you should certainly be asking about DMDs at your appointment and having already chosen one will probably speed up the time to getting it by several weeks if not longer. The other things I would recommend asking for are the contact details for an MS nurse (your day to day contact) and help with any symptoms that you are struggling with. Make sure to take a list with you (we all forget things otherwise!) and I recommend that you take someone with you because an extra pair of eyes and ears can be really helpful. I hope it goes well. Karen x

Hi, if it wasnt for your scientific background and ability to read and understand what the rest of us would find as plain as Russian, I would err on the side of caution with a probable` diagnosis.

I say this because i was a victim of this myself. It lasted for 7 years and then was chopped and changed and i`ve ended up with a diagnosis of something completely different.

Anyway, I expect you know a lot more than me.

luv Pollx

hi, I’m looking for some answers too. Having had weakness and numbness in my arms and hands and some blurred vision as well as strange sensations in my legs i first mentioned it to my optician. she tested my colourblindness which i was, but only in one eye. she sent me to the gp with a letter about possible neuro issue, I was reffered to the hospital. The neurologist didnt seem to concerned about ms but ordered an mri anyway. Ive only had the results back off my gp who said she couldnt understand them but said i had 3 t2 foci hyperintense areas, 2 in periventricular area, possible inflammatory aetiology, im on a waiting list to see the neurologist again. Since then- 2 months- Ive had an episode of difficulty walking, very ridgid, tingling, jelly legs, needing support from the wall and only managing a fews steps. Now im experiencing burning sensation in my neck. This waiting for a diagnosis is almost as bad as the symptoms, I just want to get the right help. Can any one offer any advice??? Thank you