Pregabalin and driving


Does anyone find that Pregabalin affects their ability to concentrate whilst driving?  I find I feel very drowsy a lot of the time so I never drive long distances.




I have the same problem.

My office is 20 miles away from home, so I always take my Pregabaln AFTER the trip to work.
The drowsiness has sorted itself out when it’s time for the return journey.

I don’t know if that solution lends itself to your problem, but I hope it helps a little.

what dosage are you both on, i take 125mg 3x daily, and yes i find concentration bad when driving

I am on 300mg, twice a day (8am and 8pm)

I am only on 50mg per day now.  I'm starting to think it's the MS and not the meds.

I have the same problem. I always feel drowsy when driving long distances. I have to drive 1 1/2 hours on Monday to get a train to London for an appointment. Your idea of not taking the pregabalin until I get there is SUCH a good one. Why did I never think of that? Will take it when I get to the station, falling asleep on train not so likely. Many thanks for that idea xxx

i'm on 3 x 200mg of pregabalin a day and drive a taxi for a living and don't seem to have any side effects..

I’m on 300mg twice daily and also, no side effects. I hope the new strategy of taking them after your journey works. R