Pre diagnosis suspicions & symptoms


Have been ill off/on since acute glandular fever in early 2000s which saw me hospitalised very very ill.

Afterwards I was diagnosed with post viral fatigue syndrome then chronic fatigue syndrome. After struggling on another decade I eventually had to give up work in 2013 after a period of illness & hospitalisation again.

I’ve got many weird symptoms like numb areas on lower legs/toes, sickness, Reflux, brain fog, muscle Spasms, bladder issues and lots of other weird neurological stuff.

In 2015 I was given an mri & diagnosed with FND and discharged by neurology. Rheumatology didn’t want to know.

I’ve always suffered with the odd fall too but over the past year or so I’ve had some really horrible falls the latest last week resulted in almost knocking myself out (head hit door frame) & breaking 2 bones in my foot.

I’ve discussed with a Dr & he’s running full blood tests as a start but he spent more time at the consult asking about if I work, what we live off & how much ESA I get which made me really paranoid too.

Anyway 1st appt for bloods was 3 weeks later so haven’t had that yet, other than asking for a neurology referral has anyone got any suggestions I can say to the Dr?

Basically they just seem happy to slap labels on me to go away like CFS and Fibromyalgia with the attitude well you’ve got your diagnosis go away there’s nothing we can do.

Neurologist said when I was discharged after FND diagnosis they weren’t ruling out other things like MS but at that stage they couldn’t see anything on the MRI.

MRI was done 7 years ago or thereabouts.

I’m not panicking about any possible diagnosis either way it is what it is regardless of diagnosis it won’t affect my day to day symptoms after all

Sorry for the long post & thanks in advance for any tips/suggestions