PPMS drugs

Is ocrevus actually effective in slowing down PPMS? is the change significant? I’m also curious why there are no real drugs specific to PPMS will there ever be??

Research seems to show that Ocrevus is effective in slowing the progress of PPMS quite significantly.

why is it not prescribed then?

As long as my MRI shows activity, I’m about to be prescribed it. It’s only recently become available (end of September I think) and there are conditions attached but I’m hopeful of getting the first infusion reasonably early in the new year.

Reading people’s experiences it seems there’s been both good and bad results. Some have reported worsening of their condition, while some have experienced a genuine slow down in progression.

I think this must be either in another country or for RRMS as I only became available in England in September, so not enough time to have results.

PPMS drugs, excuse the language

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