ppms and rrms different disease

when neuros realise this they will find a cure.

a bit of help when you have a cold starting, take a good probiotic daily. my husbands cold lasted a week

mine lasted 3 days.

I agree Joy… different desease, different cause (or causes), will require different ‘cure’.

Wonder if your short cold was due to hyper immune system… I rarely get a virus and when I do it doesn’t hang around.

Pat x

Pat, is having a ‘hyper’ immune system common with PPMS then? I only get (on average) one cold a year which has always baffled me as I thought MS immunity was lessened.

Debs x

I think there maybe something in what you say Pat. I only had one cold last year. I have already had one so far this year so I’m hoping it will be the only one. My boys have all had a rotten one this week and so far I’m OK. Fingers crossed! Teresa xx

Hi Debs and Teresa, A year or so ago I asked the question on Everyday Living… who never got a virus and who did? It was a very mixed bag. Some people got colds and stuff all the time, others, like us, hardly ever got anything.

It’s hard to say if it’s more with PPMS but I think that would make sense. The immune system reacts to the damage in nervous system by attacking it as if it is foreign body… so with RRMS that is when MS is active… but with PPMS it is all the time… so we have hyperactive immune systems constantly attacking the MS damage. If a virus gets into the system it’s killed off immediatly before it even gets going.

Very scientific explanation… LOL…

But also I think this is why we feel unwell all the time. I think part of the reason why people feel so poorly when they get flu is because their immune system is in ‘battle mode’ against the virus. For us, our immune systems are in ‘battle mode’ 24/7. I do feel as if I’ve had flu for about 10 years… without the sneezes and sniffles… but all the other symptoms are there to greater or lesser degree.

It’s interesting that although MS is generally accepted as an autoimmune condition there doesn’t seem to be much info about why some of us never, or hardly ever, get a virus. It was an MS nurse who told me I had a ‘hyperactive immune system’ and I sort of cobbled the rest of theory together myself.

Sorry… long post…

Hope you all have nice weekend,

Pat x

This all makes so much sense to me Pat. When a virus is around, like this week, my glands come up and seem to be about to succumb to something. However, it seems to stay away, as if my body has fought it off! Teresa xx

I seem to have avoided colds for several years now, but I got one a few weeks ago and it has taken a lot of shifting. I felt like I had been hit by a bus, it reallt effected my quite badly.
I still don’t feel completely over it.

Hi, yeh, when I get a cold it can be a `put to bedder``, but it only lasts a few days…and they reckon ISP isnt cause by a dud immune system. Hmm???

luv Pollx