Potential new treatment for SPMS

As you know the toes and finger numbers could be down to being a Type 1 as I forced to see my GP nurse and she checks my feet for numbers or ulcers and pins and needles and numbness is also related to MS.

When I said I goto the gym and that my muscles have got bigger this is true and in better shape than 10 years ago but.

with me the MS has made all of left side weaker so though I equally use the machines the right side now is bigger than the right side.

I guess this is down to MS and damaged nerves not controlling left body muscles properly, So I do extra 10 reps on left side now.

I did not know about the Q 10 depletion and wonder if its worth taking supplements for it, already do D3 and B12 and C with Zinc

When was the last time he had a cholesterol test and the levels, the last one I had was 3.8 and I eat everything but never have been one for lots of junk food have the odd burger etc.

I was told I had to stay on statins as miy levels were so high and they did not know how long they been high, evidence shows they declog veins and now they seam to issue a lower does of 40 mg to diabetics as a preventative thing bit like that poly pill that was mentioned a while back.

Oops right side bigger than left side. Still unable to edit a post I see

MY OH has never had cholesterol problems - his level is OK - the reason the GP put him on statins was to help with blood circulation. lts two weeks since he stopped the statins - and l have just asked him and he said he can now feel an improvement-

which is good. But like the man in the Mail article - he has terrible trouble remembering peoples names and forgetting where he has put things. All the time he is saying ‘‘Where’s my —’’