Cholesterol tablet to slow down progression

Was on bit on daybreak news this morning how Ucl have discovered that a cholesterol tablet that slows down the progression of MS. If true how soon till this is available if already available to people with high cholesterol?

Hi. I also saw the news this morning. I was pleased to see it being announced as my Neurologist put me on a high dose of Statins 3 weeks ago, When discussing it with my GP and Pharmacist they had not heard of Statins being used in MS. So I had some explaining to do. Hopefully, they have now seen the news report.

This got reported last summer as I recall.

Then, the suggested dose was a lot bigger that would be normal for someone with a heart condition.
I take 1 x 20mg Lipitor tablet every day - the suggested dose for MS was 1 x 80mg.
There are a considerable number of side effects with statins - some of which (like muscle pains) you could have problems distinguishing from MS symptoms.


Can I ask what type of ms you have and r u only Dmd’s?

Sorry are you taking any DMD

Can I ask my doctor to prescribe me this?

Hi, if you need a high dose to slow down MS and the side effects are muscle pains, is it worth it…unless the can give you somethg for the pain as well…


They did a study on statins last year and the people who suffered side effects were the patients on the placebo not the ones on the actual medication.

I was not taking any medication for MS. I was on Rebif for 8 years but came off that as I went from RRMS to SPMS. When I saw my MS Nurse recently she suggested Simvastatin and said she would ask my Neurologist. He agreed and wrote to my GP. Although my GP was not aware of Simvastatin being used for SPMS he thought it would be worth a try. So far I’m on 40mgs with no side effects, and I will graduate up to 80mgs.

Im not medical but what action do statins take, it would seem to me that that would indicate a low fat diet could help in the same way but I dont really understand it, any medically minded takers to explain zoe

Here is the Lancet summary of the phase II trial.

Try again.

The study of Statins and MS goes back to at least early 2010 - when UCSF published a study they had done using Lipitor (Atorvastatin). Later studies have been on Simvastatin.

Personally, when I was put on Simvastatin I did not tolerate it at all well (very nasty headaches), and my GP switched me back to Atorvastatin.

It is wrong to say that only the placebo group had side effects; the ratio of effects placebo-to-exoerimental groups was in the ratio of 20:14. You can see this in the link that whammel gave.

I’ve been on 80mg of Simvastatins for 5 years no probs with it

I take 40mg of simvastatin everyday, but my mum can’t take it, as it fills her full of pains.

Interesting questions posed on the Barts & London blog today.

Does blood flow improve if there is little cholestrol in it?