potential MS diagnosis?

hi, everyone!
i recently learned about MS in school and began suspecting i may have it. for about a year now, i’ve been progressively feeling sick (the only way to describe it was extreme fatigue and autoimmune like). I also had been suffering from CPTSD before feeling ill, which i recently learned puts you more at risk. I thought i had POTS, a postural tachycardia syndrome because i often feel very sick when moving around a lot. now i have extreme heat intolerance, dizziness (room spinning and normal dizziness), daily tension headaches, progressive fatigue, some eye pain with movement, and occasional tingling in my shin from sitting down. also, just the other night i had a sharp pain on the right side of my chest that made it super painful to breathe. it only lasted about a minute or so and i’m wondering if this is an MS hug? i’m sure most of these symptoms are super vague, and i’m feeling kind of defeated because many people in my life tell me i’m a hypochondriac when i know there’s got to be something wrong. could y’all let me know if these are some symptoms i should see a neurologist about? or would you recommend a general practitioner to rule things out first?
thanks in advance!

You’ve got quite a few symptoms going on it must be tough.

We’re not medical people on here, but people with MS so I had to search your acronyms.

MS has many symptoms and is usually diagnosed with an MRI scan and a lumber puncture. Diagnosis can take years as symptoms come and go.

I presume you’ve been to your Dr. what did they say?

Look after yourself.

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You should be aware that a) MS has a lot of symptoms that are shared with other diagnoses, b) many of your symptoms don’t sound like MS (to a layman), c) as Jen (goldrat) said / implied, you should see a doctor rather than ask non qualified people like us.

Yes, it’s possible that you have MS. But probably more likely that you don’t. The only way you can find out is to see your GP, see what they think. If they consider there’s a potential neurological problem, they’ll refer you to a neurologist. If the neurologist thinks it’s necessary, they’ll refer you for tests.

It’s not a quick thing, searching for a diagnosis. They are no shortcuts. I hope you don’t have MS, but that you do find out what’s wrong.