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The link is to a video documentary on Youtube called Diagnosing and Treating Vitamin b12 Deficiency. My guess is it would be of much interest to members on here.

Everybody can search it if they want to but I will also put up a posting I put on another forum relating to it which will make people understand why the video is of interest. Here goes (pass the info on would you?)

In the 1930s the American scientists Murphy and Minot won not only the Nobel Prize for discovering a treatment for Pernicious Anaemia (B12 deficiency) but were also honoured with the Cameron Prize from Edinburgh University.

Prior to 1926 when M&M discovered the treatment (but not WHY it worked) PA was a death sentence.

Film of their treatment and patients can still be found on the internet today.

Back then it was known as Pernicious Anaemia because they knew that one of the possible symptoms was anaemia - however, even as far back as 1900 J Riesen Russell made clear that the anaemia was only a possible symptom and a diagnosis should not be reliant on it.
Murphy and Minot proved that with their treatment the anaemia was resolved quickly and easily - in a matter of days - but that the neurological damage remained for much longer and in many cases did not resolve completely.

In 1948 the molecule contained within Murphy and Minot’s treatment was isolated and called Vitamin b12.

It was also confirmed that the anaemia did not need to be present for a diagnosis to be made.

Yet how many modern day medical professionals know this?
How many doctors know what b12 deficiency does - that it is a demyelinating illness and death is a certainty unless it is treated correctly?
How many doctors know the neurological signs of b12 deficiency?
How many doctors know the neurological signs are the same as those of MS?
How many doctors know that unless it is treated correctly (and for suspected neurological implications that is every other day injections till symptoms stop improving (BNF Guidelines)) all that will be rectified is blood levels and the neurological damage will continue to ravage the body?
How many doctors and scientists overlook b12 because of what they don’t know and continue to try and find a cause of suspected MS or dementia or some other neurological illness of unknown cause?

Here is a link to a documentary posted on Youtube earlier this year. One of the patients is a GP who is shown in his nappy complete with feeding tube - he had b12 deficiency and never even suspected it himself.


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Can you tell me what happened to my first post, please?

No other way of contacting you and since I was a b12 deficient patient that was nearly diagnosed with MS, I think it’s very relevant to people on here.

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