possible foot drop?

Hi I have just noticed that I when I am walking my right foot goes slightly up into “on tiptoes” I also find the same foot, when I have been standing, or wiping myself after going to the toilet, I suddenly realise it is up on tiptoes again. I have been for awhile getting blurry vision and had my eyes checked and they said my eyesight was fine. It has also been mentioned to me to get checked for diabetes (so i don’t know if that could be the issue here). I also have episodes of my fingers and toes, pins and needles and tingling going on.

Hello Emma

What you’re describing doesn’t sound like foot-drop to me.

My foot-drop occurs when I am (trying to) walk and the toes will not lift up off the ground, so there is no ground clearance. It’s caused by a problem in the peroneal nerve. This is the nerve that controls the lower leg and foot. When you can’t lift your toes off the floor, it can lead people to ‘hitch’ their hip up to get some ground clearance, or to swing that foot out to the side. Neither is good for the hip.

Have a look at for more information about foot-drop. It’s possible that is what is causing your foot to go up on tiptoes, it just manifests differently for you. Perhaps you could see your GP / a physiotherapist / neurologist to ask for their opinion?