Hi. I have just been diagnosed in the last 6 weeks with RRMS. I am a 46 year old stay at home Mum with 3 school going children. I decided to start treatment pretty much straight away and started taking Plegridy. First injection is half dose & second injection was 3/4 dose which I took last Friday. First injection was fine til about 6 days later when I just started crying at the drop of a hat. After 9 days I started to experience nausea which has gotten worse since. I am tired all the time, feeling really down & am much worse than I was after been given my diagnosis. I was so positive that I would take the drugs and get on with my life, but I feel worse now than I ever have. Just wondering is there anyone else out there that’s on plegridy & felt this way. Is it only temporary or am I having a serious side effect? All fed back & advice will be warmly welcome.