Plegridy side affects

Hi all

Does anyone else on plegridy feel that side affects vary in severity depending on where you inject or am I imagining it ?

For me if I inject in the abdomen the side affects seem much worse than usual though they are never great obviously !


Hello, I was on Plegridy for years. I found it i injected into fat (my belly after 3 kids :joy:) my side effects weren’t as severe, just felt like rubbish for about 30 hours after but manageable with paracetamol.

If I injected into my thighs where I have a lot of muscle build up, my side effects were horrific and lasted up to 5 days!

My neurologist said it was fine for my to only inject in my belly, just alternate each side with each injection.

I think if you inject where you are least affected, and just rotate sides you should be fine! Avoid muscle!