Please help!

Hi all. I often get Trigeminal Neuralgia but it doesn’t last long. Last night and tonight I have had it for hours. I tried extra Gabapentin and it hasn’t worked. I am in agony. Any suggestions gratefully received.


Hello Mary

You could try looking on the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association UK website. It may offer some guidance.

Good luck, I hope someone else can offer help.

Thanks Blossom. Will try that.


Hi Mary, have you tried OxyContin and Oxynorm I have horrible tn, and these two drugs really help. I also take gabapentin but it is not enough. See will your nuero or gp give you a prescription and try it. I really feel for you as I know only to well the misery of trigeminal nueralgia, another option I have used when I could not stand the pain is 10 mgs of valium( with my gps permission) it makes you not care as much about the pain and can get you through a bad bout.

let us know how you get on,


Hi, I have had Neuralgia for years, the only thing what keeps it bay is Lysine which is a amnio acid I take it every day if I forget for a few days it starts to come back, it might help you.