PIP - Radio 4 at 12.15pm today.

Good to see the MSS standing up for our interests against this inhumane Government.

Go in at about 11 minutes.



End MS Campaigns of Unrealistic Expectations

Perhaps the MS Society should shut up!

We’ve had so many MS awareness campaign telling the public MSers are fine - running marathons and doing

extraordinary things - getting Access to Work and having stem cell therapy plus all the costly DMD - no wonder MPs

were happy to sign off on the scrapping of DLA and making us struggle to get PIP.

"You’re okay" “It comes and goes, doesn’t it?” “Don’t give in to using a wheelchair” "Don’t go on the scrap heap"

Perhaps it’s time to end the MS Campaigns of Unrealistic Expectations that really hurt the vast majority of folk with MS,

especially in public expectations which come from media campaigns - even GPs repeat this nonsense.



On the one hand the MS Society paints an unrealistically rosy picture of life with MS, with inspirational articles about people doing amazing things despite their disabilities. On the other hand they complain about people losing out over the switch from DLA to PIP. Yes, it’s good to hear someone from the Society fighting our corner on the radio, but public opinion can only do so much. It’s the Government that needs to act and that’s unlikely to happen. They ignored the recommendation to leave the qualifying walking distance at 50m, amongst other things, and arbitrarily changed the rules for the other mobility section. So I don’t expect positive changes to PIP, no matter how many times the Society goes on air to say that the PIP system is flawed.

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Yes, the “MS Society paints an unrealistically rosy picture of life with MS” and aids government cuts.

You only have to read the real life experience comments on this Forum to realise that the rosy picture of life with MS is

a fiction. The vast majority are not skipping off to work every morning with a smile.

For example: mobility is such a key issue for us, having access to free powerchairs from NHS Wheelchair Services is a must

for both outdoor as well as indoor use. Why isn’t this ever a top MS campaign issue???

There’s an issue of post code lottery where some get access to a better powerchair than others etc.,. Equal access

to powerchairs is so important with such crappy pavements. This is never mentioned, yet fundamental to getting around.

Again I ask - does the MS Society take grants from the government? Or donations from Big Pharma??

It seems their campaign deliver the outcome the government wants - like keeping MS sufferers in work, even though they are so,

so sick and suffering, or t-shirt wearing campaigns that benefit vested interests groups in the end rather than those suffering

from MS.

At the moment there’s a tax cannabis campaign - who does this benefit?


Seems to me that the only people who actually get anything done are the pressure group 38 Degrees.

Anyone can start a petition going - if there is enough support, then it gets thrust at the appropriate minister.

Apart from that, spare me the “motivational” stuff that paints a totally false picture of living with MS for the average mS victim.


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Well said Fay, Geoff and Cheerful Dragon.

Marjie xx

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