PIP Consultation - DWP Response

The website WWW.DWP.GSI.GOV.UK has a link to the recent consultation on PIP. (Link won’t work) The DWP proposal to the government is to amend the points on 2 of the 10 descriptors for daily living component from 2 points for using an aid to 1 point.

The changes affect dressing & toilet needs. That means that those using AIDS on 4 descriptors (preparing food, washing/bathing, dressing/undressing and managing toilet needsonly), who currently get 8 points and the standard rate for PIP will only get 6 points and therefore nothing. Managing therapy only gets 1 point for an aid.

This has to through parliament so let’s contact our MPs

i thought it may interest peeps.


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I don’t really understand it because I have DLA. I haven’t been transferred yet. But what does it mean in reality?


I don’t really understand it because I have DLA. I haven’t been transferred yet. But what does it mean in reality?

[/quote] Points mean prizes. You need points in your assesment to qualify for PIP. If you don’t get enough points you don’t get PIP. The Government wants to reduce the number of points you get for certain things

There are a number of threads already running about this. The most recent is the following:

​In essence, the DWP are concerned that applicants gain the Standard Daily Living Allowance by listing all the aids they use when most of these aids are freely available through the NHS, in most areas.

In order to save money, they have obfuscated the issue by offering a variety of alternatives which are difficult to evaluate. Although the consultation has ended, you can still read the DWP proposal using the link below.

Happy reading! (Use of Exclamation mark frowned upon!!)

Or to explain it a bit more. The Government decided that DLA we going to too many people because the process allowed for too much discretion so they changed it to a more regimented number-total system with strict criteria for each point. Unfortunately for them this meant that - in their view - too many people qualified by being able to produce evidence that met those criteria. IDS has now had a huff and wants to move the goalposts again.

Sorry about multi-posts. Doing this on my phone and it doesn’t do paragraphs. If I tried to fit it in one post it would be one on sentence and harder to follow than a DWP explanation.

Points mean prizes with DLA too, but I don’t really know what you’re supposed to score. I read that with PIP they going to reduce the number of points you score for having to use certain aids. I use a bath lift, a wheelchair and I’ve got handrails and a raised toilet. I am writing this using a voice recognition system on my iPad.

They only cost money as a one off payment. There is no ongoing cost unless any of them have to be replaced. I am a bit lost by it.


So it seems to me that if you need aids and appliances but not physical assistance from another person for the following descriptors:

  1. Preparing food

  2. Taking nutrition

  3. Managing therapy

  4. Washing and bathing

  5. Managing toilet needs

  6. Dressing and undressing

Under the existing rules, you’d have scored 2 points for each of 1,2,4,5 and 6 and 1 point for 3. So a total of 11 points, which qualifies you for the standard rate of PIP for the daily living component. Under the new rules from January 2017, you’d score 2 points for 1,2 and 4 plus 1 point for 3,5 and 6. So a total of 9, again qualifying for the standard rate. The problem comes when you need aids and appliances for some of the descriptors (again without physical assistance from another person) but not all, potentially taking you below 8 points, therefore meaning you don’t qualify at all. Obviously, this could also impact on people who have the need for personal assistance for some of the descriptors but not all, maybe needing aids and appliances for some of the descriptors, potentially making them eligible for the standard rate instead of the enhanced rate.

Does this all make sense or is it too late for me to be doing any thinking at all?


The DWP seems committed to a totally misguided view of the lives of disabled people. I didn’t think that they could get much worse.

I try to take this stuff in and make sense of what it`ll mean for me. But, to be honest, all it really does is add to my angst!



Its totally and utterly bloody disgusting what they are doing,just when you think it cant get any worse it does. !!! there are no words to describe IDS and the rest.

There is an article on the BBC news website which is worth reading

​My three year review is due just before my 65th birthday therefore I will not be affected. I do not envy people who will eventually go through the review process. As Sue rightly states, the use of agencies such as DIAL and CAB will be essential in filling in the forms.

Even so, the criteria will be new to both the applicants and support agencies and finding the formula for successful applications may take some time. During that development it is inevitable that some people will lose out and, perhaps, have to endure the humiliation and anxiety of the appeals process.

MS is tough enough without these periodic hurdles to negotiate.

Tory lust for cruelty appears to be unstoppable.


Sent my mp an email re this, we all need to do the same.

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