Consultation on descriptors for PIP. Please read.

The DWP is at it again! Consultation published about changing the criteria for PIP so that people who use aids to fulfil day-to-day living tasks may not qualify for PIP because the cost of such aids “is small”.

DWP appear concerned that people who have lots of varied problems are racking up lots of points in the assessment because they need multiple aids during the day - eg someone might need a sock-puller when they are dressing and an adapted bed to raise them up and a kettle lifter to make tea safely and a magnifier to allow them to read letters etc etc. As a lot of people with MS have multiple problems affecting their activities over an entire day but are able to function to a certain level without having full-time carers these changes might affect people with MS a lot.

Reading between the lines in the explanation for why they are doing the consultation, it appears that the government is a little bit miffed by recent legal decisions regarding descriptor scores being given for use of things such as adaptable beds etc. The whole consultation does appear to be based on the idea that people who can use such aids “aren’t THAT disabled” and their disability “is not affecting their life THAT much”

There are inviting responses not just from organisations representing disabled groups but also from individual people with disabilities. Responses are requested by 29/01/16 - Happy Christmas everybody!

Thank Bob. Good info but also outrageous!

Happy Christmas to you too.

Pat xx


I’ve just been ‘invited’ to apply for my PIP, did the phone call yesterday. Will have to read up on this before I do the forms.

Great timing on their part, it’s all going to fall right across the holiday period.

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You have my sympathy.

Dreading getting mine… Esp as I had to reapply for DLA earlier this year! Maybe the plan is to kill us all of with stressful benefit forms. If so, they’re doing a good job.

Pat xx

I wish they knew just how much the stress of all these changes and potential changes alone makes our lives that much more difficult!! If they understood just how much of our bodies is affected by ms, why don’t they just take it all into account and decide on what they think is a reasonable sum for us to have a bit of quality of life, and continue our benefits without regular forms to see if we’re still eligible. It’s not as if those with progressive ms will ever miraculously recover, even though it is almost Christmas.

I’m really dreading my DLA being stopped to have PIP replace it. Don’t envy you Kev.

Cath x