physiotherapist assessment advice

Hello to all

im not diagnosed i am 44 female

has anyone had a first appointment with a ms physiotherapist as an initial assessment?

im a bit confused as I thought I’d see a neurologist first,

im not diagnosed and new on hear, I feel I’m getting worse almost by the day now and this latest set of symptoms have lasted longer than usual

thank you very much for any replies

it shouldn’t be a problem because the physio will deal with how your body is affected and help you to put it right.

this sounds just what you need right now.

there will be a lot of advice on posture.

the neuro just gives you a diagnosis or maybe not.

maybe drugs.

Thank you for your reply

yes sounds good as need as much advice as possible

can they recommend the use of drugs without diagnosis?

do you no if they will do any tests on the day? Or just talk about my thousands of symptoms lol

im going to make a diary but it will be hard to note when or how long my symptoms have lasted each episode of rough times or is this called a relapse?

im guessing they will refer me on after the assessment to neuro or for an MRI scan hopefully

is there help on this forum to get to no the shortened version of words such as rrms etc

thanx again

hi again i’m losing confidence in my ability to give advice so i always check back. i shouldn’t have muddied the water by mentioning drugs. the neuro will deal with the disease modifying drugs (DMDs) there are also drugs to help you manage your symptoms diagnosis is definitely required for DMDs. symptom management not so much. on your first appointment with a neuro there will be tests, eg of physical coordination. the physio will want the information that helps him or her to do their job. rrms is actually the shortened version of relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis! hope i’ve been clearer this time

It does seem a bit random to see a physio before the neurologist. But might be quite helpful if you have physical symptoms that a physio can help with.

Carole is usually right, her second answer was right to the point.

You should be expecting to see a neurologist, for a neurological exam, a history of what’s happened to you, and s/he will refer you for tests (eg MRI) as appropriate, depending on what the exam throws up.

If you are diagnosed with MS, it’s likely to be RRMS, which is where disease modifying drugs would come in.

Meanwhile, see the physio, get as much guidance from him/her as possible. Maybe think about writing a diary of what has happened to you and when. That way you’ll be prepared when it comes time to see the neurologist.


Thanx carol and sue for your reply

it may be they have given me the appointment first for physiotherapy as I believe they will help with my back pain I went to my GP and explained at the beginning of the year my ribs felt like they were being crushed and squeezed, it was horrible I kept looking in the mirror thinking I’d see bruises or something but nothing was on my skin. And before this sensation I had a pain as if I had a kidney infection constantly, I do have arthritis in my pelvis and base of my spine but this has never been looked into. I have almost constant cold numb tingling in my arms/hands, lower legs and feet, more intense on occasion.

I have had spells of being worse and at the moment it’s been longer and more intense and with added symptoms I’m constantly going to the toilet with both urine and the other!

I feel drunk sometimes and find it do embarrassing when I’m out, speaking is a problem when I feel like it, slow and slurred.

ive just started getting cramp like pain in my right leg which does seem to be my worst side, and my vision has changed so I have to wear my glasses all the time now.

i was diagnosed age 23 with M.E but may be just may be it was the beginning of MS

i will definitely write a log of my symptoms to take with me.

this site Is just amazing and so helpful

thank you

Wildflower I really hope you get answers soon. Carol, hope you are ok.