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since my last relapse which occurred 10 months ago, my walking has been severely affected. Im quite geeky about science & exercise so would like to discuss a point raised by my neurologist which I found to be interesting.

My neurologist is of the opinion that MS doesnt cause muscle wastage. I found this to be interesting because I went from being fine to struggling to walk & even get off the toilet - this happened overnight.

my legs have been left stick thin. Not to mention my glutes & back which has lost a lot of muscle. Other than trying to go for regular short walk, does any1 have any good forms of exercise???


If the signals are not getting through damaged nerve pathways to work the muscles properly, then the result is muscle wastage, plain and simple. I have been working on areas of weakness at the gym for years and there has still been a significant amount of muscle wastage, although I believe my efforts have helped me to keep what I have for longer.

A decent physio will be able assess your condition and suggest an exercise programme to follow.

I think (I have a biology related degree but am no expert) muscle wastage will occur over some time so the “struggling to walk & even get off the toilet - this happened overnight” would be caused by lesions interrupting nerve signals. Was that what neuro was talking about? Did your muscle loss happen that fast or take some time to happen? I think I’ve picked up while reading about MS and generally that lack of use can cause muscle wastage. MSers are often referred to rehab services to try to reverse the wastage.

Can you get yourself referred to a physio (neurophysio/rehab) my MS nurse referred me to a neurophysiologist about my balance. That was about keeping muscles used and part of the rehab services.


my opinion - MS doesn’t cause muscle wastage- maybe it does or maybe it’s a side effect from the nerve damage.

either way, the more active you are, doing targeted exercise you increase the chances of slowing/reversing it.

Physios can help, especially with some knowledge of neurology.

highly recommended