Physical examination and MRI

Hi. I have been looking at this forum for a while now, but this is my first time posting. I do not have a diagnosis of MS, but currently have a diagnosis of APS, Innactive lupus, and fibromyalgia. However, for around the last 8 months, I have been experiencing muscle twitches, muscle cramping, headaches, dizziness, and all the typical symptoms of fibromyalgia…my rehumatologist sent me to see a neurologist as he was concerned about the muscle twitches and cramping…i had my first appointment today. The dr did a physical examination but said to rule out ms and any other muscle waisting, he will send me for an mri and a emg. Although he said he expects the results to be normal, I’m still worrying. So, I guess my question is, has anyone had a physical examination that was fine but had an mri and other tests that showed MS? I never really trust the physical examinations, especially with remitting relapsing autoimmune conditions, because if i had a physical examination on one of my ‘good days’, i would probably seem okay…but on a bad day, physical examination can show a multitude of issues and pain. Thanks in advance Stacey

Morning Stacey.

I don’t come in here often but I noticed you’ve not had a reply. I’ve had big problems with muscle twitches and muscle cramping . I was referred to a neurologist last year who also did lots of physical exams which he said were normal. Was referred for MRI but that also came back normal. Had NCT/EMG which showed bilateral carpal tunnel so that’s where I stand now. No answers to the twitching etc. I’m interested in your story to getting a fibromyalgia diagnosis?! When is your MRI scheduled for?

Hi Stacey

my diagnosis was from a MRI and a Lumbar Puncture. I was diagnosed with RRMS February last year.

November last year it was changed to PPMS for what ever reason.

2 months ago I get a letter saying that they are unsure of my diagnosis and I have another MRI on Saturday to see if they can finally give me a correct diagnosis.

All my symptoms apart from fatigue have massively improved. That is dizziness, balance and toilet issues. I dont think I have MS but something else with similar symptoms. But if they dont know I certainly dont. I understand the difficulty in diagnosing a patient but dont label me with something I havent got. Id rather they say I don`t know.