Petition Reverse the ESA disability benefit cut

I posted this on another thread but thought it merits it’s own thread. I’ve signed the petition.

Petition Reverse the ESA disability benefit cut

"The House of Lords has been unable to stop a planned £30-a-week cut to disability benefits forced through by Government MPs. This will cripple those in receipt of these benefits, leaving many in literal poverty.

The government must reverse this decision. Lives are at risk."


Jan x



signed. Still seething over the budget


So sorry for being thick but were is the £30 cuts.

Trying to find out but can’t seem to get the right info.

What exactly has been cut.

I am quit disabled and would like to know more and how it will affect me.



I’ve signed.

Somewhat amused by the fact that the confirmation email went into my spam folder.

From what I read it will be people claiming ESA from 2017, new claimants and those in the WRAG will be able to claim the same level as JSA. Current claimants will not be affected.

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That confuses me, Lenney (which doesn’t take much, I admit!).

I’m currently back on JSA as I was refused ESA after my assessment. My JSA is exactly the same amount as the ESA whilst in the assessment group. That being £120 or so a month less than either the WRAG or Support groups.

My understanding of what you say there is people in the WRAG will be on less than JSA? When you say those in the WRAG, do you mean currently?

Sorry for being dense and not grasping this!

When you are in the ESA assessment group you get the same amount as JSA currently £73.10 a week . You are correct JSA is less than either ESA WRAG and Support groups. If you were to be awarded ESA WRAG (work related activity group) or Support the DWP may refund you the difference from when you started your claim.

When 2017 comes new claimants who get awarded ESA WRAG will get the same amount as those on JSA, that includes after they have been in the assessment group. £73.10 a week currently.

Right, I’m with you. I think this has been going to happen for a while, hasn’t it? Something last year about the WRAG losing £30 a week.

If my appeal is a success I’ll end up in the WRAG I’m sure. Though right now, despite a letter with my MR from the CAB, which shows I should have 33 points for the descriptors that they gave me 0 for, I’m not feeling confident, as they’re still not changing their decision. But only time will tell, appeal to come next…

But basically, if I have to make a new claim I’m screwed, right?

Me too. Strange huh?

I think it applies to new claims from 2017 onwards.

Oh yes, you said that already…sorry. As usual my poor old brain’s not taking in all the info.

I’ve signed - there were over 114,000 signatures when I did, so it definitely qualifies for a debate now, it’s just waiting for a date.