Personality change?

I was always told that I was a placid child and developed into a nervous and anxious teen then later in life as everything from serious/easygoing/funny,

I’ve never been someone who looks for trouble and always walked away from a row, I didn’t hold grudges and got over stuff quickly.

But now I’m constantly angry! I find almost everything winds me up! I spit venom often and have a terrible temper.

I feel like I’ve under gone a complete personality transplant! And I’m beginning to question if it’s MS related, as the change over the last 3/4 years has been dramatic.

I know that not everything is down to MS but wonder if others have felt like they’ve changed mentally after 20 plus years with MS? And if this type of thing is thought to be a symptom of advanced MS?

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Hiya dolly mine was the other way around my mom was knocked about by my dad and if I was around I got it as well including being belted with net curtain wire, I would often wake in the night at a very early age and go into their bedroom to them to find they wer’nt in bed off I’d go downstairs to find no one in, they’d gone out so I was out in the street in my jimjams looking for them they’d come back from the pub and the old fella across the road would tell them I’d been running up and down the street looking for them. That was it another good hiding. I went through my childhood with lots of uncles after they split up I was an angry horrible person I didn’t trust anyone I didn’t have friends I didn’t need them, I started drinking probably about 11 yrs old as there was plenty of that in the house. It was in my teenage years that I had falls but thought nothing of it speech problems thought it was the effects of the drinking. Anyway I rolled into my adult years with the badge of bi polar type 2, manic depressive. Now this diagnosis I’ve since learnt is so very similar to ms I’ve been treated for mental health now since I was 19 years old I’m now 53. Ms ms neuro is in no doubt that I had ms all those years ago, point is I’ve gone from being the angry ranting nasty horrible person to a much nicer person who walks away from any trouble even a row with the wife is to much for me now I have ms and I still have bi polar but in a daft sort of way it’s a better life than what I had before. Sorry to bore you all


hey drummer boy

you have no need to apologise.

in fact i am sorry that you had to endure all that abuse when you were a child,

good for you for turning it around.

Drummer Boy,

It must have taken courage to tell us your story.

I respect you for that.


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It’s possible that MS-related nerve damage, in parts of your brain that control your emotions, is causing outbursts. I suspect that only a neurologist, neuro-psychologist or neuro-psychiatrist, with your MRI, can diagnose that.

However, it’s equally likely that you are simply expressing anger and frustration about your condition. On the other hand, getting rage and resentment out of your system will help to prevent a slump into despair, as anger and depression are two sides of the same coin. Anger can be a good thing if it’s channelled in a positive way. It can get an awful of ironing done.



Total respect from me too.

You are a good man, having lived through such a horrible childhood and adolescence.

Well done.


Hiya Drummer Boy,

You needed to get that off your chest!

Sadly we don’t all come come from the type of bs families you see in commercials, and you are not alone, coming from such a dysfunctional household often leads to children developing into troubled adults, difficulties with their behaviour, drink/drugs/violence/mental health issues or a spiral of falling prey to those who don’t have their best interests in mind.

But you’ve come out the other side now and know more about yourself and what lead you on a damaging course in your earlier life.

I was always more of a follower than a leader only ever wanting the easier life, it was easier than demanding my own needs be met and usually gave me some peace because it was a lot easier to agree with people and didn’t lead to arguing.

but now I find myself struggling to bite my tongue (and often failing) I feel I’ve changed from one extreme to another. I’m not the physical type so regrettably lash out with my tongue which can be very vitriolic, it doesn’t make me feel better and I usually feel very guilty after, so what makes me do it now? Could it be the start of issues of a more cognitive nature that can go with MS?

My MS has made me very irritable and a bit of a personality change - i was always an anxious person and now much the same but I do take medication to help me cope with all this…Drummer boy - thanks for sharing

It’s inflammation. I got this yesterday, really angry and then in tears and depressed. I’ve just had a relapse, so I have significant inflammation. I use Ceylon cinnamon, really good for inflammation. You can mix it with honey and a bit of olive oil.

Take a tspn full, a couple of times a day. Should get rid of it. I take it straight in a glass. Half a tspn with hot water, mix then cool with cold water. I’ve been taking it for years. Really good stuff.

Hope that this helps.

Thanks for your kind words, I’m lucky now I have my own beutiful family and they are so possessive and defensive of me my wife somehow can spot the difference between my bi polar ( haven’t had an episode for 12 months), and my ms. And she knows how to deal with it my 4 kids are wonderful and won’t let me do anything and I now at the last count have 10 grandchildren. The older ones are aware that I have an illness and are quite open about it if they ask about it then they expect to be told which I think is fair enough no point dressing it up. This is my family my ex family are about somewhere but I don’t bother they’ve tried a couple of times to contact me but I close that avenue off straight away. As I said in my op I am now at a point where ms has made me realise that what I have is the best and that puts me in a happy place and I can cope with any symptom as long as I have my loveley family with me.

thanks drummer boy for sharing your happy ending. keep on being happy!