pension and losing benefit

my husband is about to take early retirement because hes my carer and i need him more.

its a private pension where he gets a lump sum and an income. im just changing from contributary to income esa,(advised before pension decision) should i not change and will i lose esa benefit.

Hi, not really sure what you mean…sorry to be dense!

My hubby took early retirement/voluntary redundancy, to look after me 15 years ago. he was 50 then and took a lump sum, plus a decent monthly pension.

I was on incapacity benefit. I was put onto ESA recently.

Hubby went 65 last week and will get full state pension now and lose his Carer`s Allowance.

Does this answer your question?


looked at govt benefit site, he will keep carers allowance, i will lose esa completely because of lump sum

I’m no expert but I thought that if you had worked and paid NI then you would be entitled to contribution based ESA on th contributions you had paid, regardless of your husbands income or savings. Have you worked in the past? Cheryl:-)



I was told by the DWP that contribution based ESA is not means tested. They certainly have never asked me for details of mine or my husbands means.

All income based benefits take into account money coming into the household. Your husband’s income will count, as will the lump sum.

If you are in the support group of ESA I suggest that you remain on contributory ESA but if you are in the WRAG and have had your 12 months of contributory ESA then your benefit will most likely stop. You have a duty to inform DWP when your circumstances change.

If you get middle or higher rate care of DLA your husband can apply for carer’s allowance. It isn’t means tested. It won’t replace your lost ESA but every little helps.


I get ESA and am in the support grop. Mine is contribution based which is means tested. I do not get any money because I get a pension myself although ESA do continue to pay my NI contributions for if/when I reach state pension age! Didn’t have to declare savings though, just my pension. Didn’t have to declare my husbands income either due to it being contribution based and me being in the support group.

Found this which explains why I don’t get ESA money: Contributory ESA is paid without the income and saving test applied to means-tested benefits. However, deductions are made for pension payments you receive and payments of permanent health insurance. In this case ESA is reduced by half the amount of any payment in excess of £85. Even if you claim contributory ESA you may also be entitled to income-related ESA to ‘top-up’ the amount you get. To find out your entitlement to income-related ESA please continue through the calculator.

Thanks, lollo. That explains why I have never been asked about savings or income. That’s exactly what I was told ie that contributory ESA is not means tested. I was starting to worry !!