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PCR testing

I was recently sent a PCR test. I didn’t request one and don’t have any Covid symptoms.
Should I complete the test?

Thanks Sue x

Hello Sue

No, don’t do the PCR test unless you have Covid symptoms.

Have a look at this thread: Shielding/vulnerable list I think it explains everything about the test you’ve been sent.


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I think it’s just a case of the cart getting before the horse. As Sue’s link explains, you should have had the letter or email first and then the PCR test. The PCR test is only for if you think you’re coming down with Covid.

I also think you shouldn’t take the test if you don’t have any symptoms. My friend also got a test but he didn’t do it because he didn’t see the need. He is constantly taking vitamins from online pharmacy because he is often ill. When the quarantine started, I also started to take more care of my health, so I started eating right, drinking vitamins, eating healthy food. I thought for a long time whether to make a vaccine or not and decided that. This will make it easier for me to travel and visit entertainment centers and various cafes and restaurants

Bin it.

Thanks for your reply Sue!