Passed co-ordination but GP not sure

My GP thought with the tingling arms/ right side of face and weakness feeling in arm and little leg twitches when resting could be signs of MS. He called me into practice and we did all the tests at the appointment for balance, coordination, strength and facial expressions. I passed them all, better the felt he could do them. He wasn’t sure whether to send me for an MRI or not. Has anyone else passed all of those tests and still gone on to have a positive diagnosis for MS? I don’t know how reassured to feel with it.


I don’t really understand why your GP is doing a neurological exam rather than refer you to a neurologist. He may feel qualified to undertake a neuro exam, but that doesn’t take the place of a neurologist.

Generally an MRI would be requested by a neurologist not a GP. The reason for this is that they are qualified to read the scans.

Your GP may well be right in deciding that you don’t have MS based on the neurological exam, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have possibly neurological reasons for the symptoms you’ve experienced.

Would it be possible for you to request a referral to a neurologist?


I had an appointment with a neurologist and passed all the tests
My senses were fine and I could feel everything even my walk was fine
Luckily he decided to do an MRI just to rule MS out so he can start looking elsewhere
This came back as showing white matter which meant a lumber puncture
And MS was the result
If you know something is wrong keep on pushing

Hi Sue when i started my journey and couldnt get out of bed and was taken to GP she did neuro test to rule out a stroke. Although she did find things a bit concerning so referred me to neurologist for further examination, and as you say it was the neuro who took it from there.

Starbabe your symptoms are non specific. Could be other things, did the GP take a ton of bloods. for an example you could be low in B12, or iron and other things. If its only just onset MS i doubt you would have much going on some people do others dont. You need a referral for neuorology and let them deal with it. they will organise an MRI if they feel its needed etc. The MS journey can be a long slow process.

Thanks all. I’ll see what happens… the Gp thought if I presented with one of my current issues he wouldn’t consider MS and each thing could be a stand alone issue, but he said when he steps back they could all be linked via MS.

Then again, my very first symptom was a numb finger. After it lasted a couple of weeks I started asking people what they thought. I took my finger to the GP who referred me to a neurologist. The relapse did get worse, legs & torso went numb too.

But both GP and neuro took it seriously enough for the neurologist to start doing tests for MS.


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The GP did ask if I was experiencing numbness or tingling. He asked if he stuck in a pin in my forearms or right cheek would I feel it. Yes I would, I think I ‘tingle’ more than being numb. My face tends to feel like as its waking up from a dentists anaesthetic, the last bit before it feels fully better, as opposed to being fully numb.