Papworth Trust

I had another visit from a lady from Papworth Trust today to help me fill in th ESA50 nightmare form. Once again she was excellent and filled I in form me. She took my answers which were all completely honest and turned them into honest but ‘written so they cannot be misinterpreted’ answers. She knew where the trip ups were and negotiated around them. Excellent. Let’s see! So far Papworth have succeeded in obtaining a grant for a replacement gas boiler from the council. Filled out my ESA50 form. They have been very good indeed. Please consider asking them for help if you need it. Pat

Hi Pat,

Just Gooogled them and began to get quite excited until I descovered that they don’t make it Oop North. Ah well


Oh…thanks for that, Jane…was just about to have a look but I’m up north too !!

Thanks, Pat. I will add it to useful numbers.