Panorama Monday BBC1 8.30pm MS

This was printed in last weeks tv guide but wasn’t on. In again this week, so should be shown.

Monday 18th BBC1 Panorama. Can you stop my Multiple Sclerosis?

Jen x

Hi Jen,

I tuned in all ready to watch it and was shocked when it wasn’t on.

Thanks for letting me know when it is going to be on, do you happen to know what time if it is different?



BBC1 at 8.30 .

Also a piece on BBC Breakfast this morning at about 6.40am which will be repeated, and more before the end of the programme if watching on iplayer.

On the BBC news website today.

Breakthrough treatment for MS patient

No mention in anything so far about the (well documented) risks - just “I was tetraplegic and less than a year later I am running marathons” miracle stories

Hopefully the Panorama report will be a little more objective but at the moment the BBC reports are sounding more like those miracle cure stories that are always on the front page of the Daily Express. I have already had “helpful” emails from family about this story

This was in the Barts Blog today.

“However it is also clear that there can be significant risks from this procedure, which maybe a 0.5-1% risk of death from fatal infections (the death rate depends on the centres doing the procedures and this has dropped dramatically over recent years, but do not do this with an unreputable group as the fatality risk can be much higher!).”

Personally, I strongly doubt this procedure would be available on the NHS if it were not considered to be acceptably safe and hopefully, the programme will reflect this.

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Have to agree. All I’m hearing is: “Fantastic news for ALL MS sufferers”.

No it’s not. I’d have to be really desperate to touch this with a barge pole. My disease is not aggressive enough to justify the very considerable risks - not to mention the harshness of the treatment.

From what I’ve seen so far (and I concede and hope the actual programme will be more balanced), this just feeds into the popular perception that everyone with MS is severely disabled and/or facing death, and so has nothing to lose.


Just seen a snippet about the stem cell treatment on BBC lunch time news.

The procedure is being trialed at Hallamshire hospital, Sheffield.

It wipes out your entire immune system and feeds your own blood/stem cells back into you.

Its a cancer treatment and the patient on tv looks like shed lost her hair.

I guess swapping hair for mobility aint a bad deal!

The chance of it working for everyone is questionable.


While I suspect the programme is about the trial, MSers are already being treated at Kings in London, provided you meet the criteria.

This facebook page has lots of useful information.