Hey everyone,

So today I got a phone call from the hospital that an appointment has became available to discuss my MRI results. I know I should be happy that instead of October, I will find out next week. The thing is I’m scared stiff of getting a confirmation that it’s MS. I honestly, don’t know how I will handle things, I don’t have a big support network and find myself crying and worrying about the future. Any advice on what to do if I get diagnosed? Xx


Please don’t get panicky, has anyone suggested that you may have MS? Even if it is it’s not the end of the world. The huge majority of cases are very mild in their effects and there is a big range of medication available to control the symptoms.

Depending on where you are, you could have access to a MS Specialist Nurse who will have all the answers. Between the Nurse and your GP you will have the start of a network of support and advice that a lot of people have found very helpful.

So, don’t worry about the future and, in the meantime, whenever you feel the need for a chat, come back to the Forum. We like to help and have got a vast collection of experience about all sorts of subjects.

best wishes,


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hi kelly

it’s not a thing that anyone wants but it is what it is.

once you have your diagnosis you can start on treatment.

so instead of worrying yourself sick for a week, use the time to research DMDs.

with or without a support network, you will be strong enough to cope.

tell that to yourself because NOBODY knows if they’ll be strong enough until it happens.

i’m trying to say that i believe in you and you should believe in you too.

it really isn’t the end of the world, it’s just a pain in the arse but there is still a lot of opportunity for joy.

carole x

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Please don’t stress yourself about this. The only thing that is going to change is that you might get a label to put on the symptoms you have and you will get in the system to get the support and meds you need if and when you need them. It’s not going to make anything worse for you that’s for sure.

Take care and come back here for support if you need it, lots of folks have been there and done so don’t feel like you’re the only one.




My neurologist has said there is the possibility that it is MS as my symptoms seem to match up and my age and the way my symptoms came on. Still waiting on a Lyme disease test, but my gut instinct is saying MS but will need to wait and see.

Aw, don’t panic. It might not be MS. And if it is, then you get access to drugs which should help to reduce relapses, which then reduces disability. And an MS nurse who will help you to navigate your way around the MS world.

Don’t get put off by Anthony. He might look like a beast, but he can be quite tame sometimes. (And he is genuinely less scary today than 2 days ago!)

And whatever happens, we will still be here. So if you post everyday ‘oh my god what is going to happen?’ Someone is likely to answer you with kind and sympathetic words. Or rude and funny jokes. Depending on what you need that day.

So when you say you don’t have a big support network, here’s one.


I really feel for you. Quite honestly, though, having a week or so of full-on worry about an upcoming appointment is much less of a waste of sweet life than having months to fret about it. I do know how easy that is to say!

Good luck.