Pain relief

Hi Everyone

I would like some information on the following pain relief medications I have recently been seeing in the news. The names of the medication are



Admittedly I did read the article in a tabloid paper but it mentioned that these medications were given to MS sufferers. I have never heard of them or been offered them. Apparently the medications are proving to be good with memory loss and may help Dementia patients and that they are testing these medications for improvements in memory.

I would be grateful for any information anyone have have.

Thank you.


Hi Slimcea

Fingolimod (marketed as Gilenya) is not a pain relief drug. It is a disease modifying drug prescribed for MS patients as it has proven effective at reducing the frequency and severity of relapses in RRMS. I think the article you are referring to was showing an unexpected side effect that, when the drug was given to mice, it appeared to eradicate bad memories of painful or stressful experiences.

I’ve been on it since November and I have to say that I haven’t noticed that any of my bad memories (or good ones either) have disappeared. However so far so good as far as relapses and side effects are concerned. It’s also better than self injecting three times a week.

Tracey x

Hi Tracey

Thank you so much for the very helpful information. I hope the medication continues to help.

Take care