Pain - Have you been prescribed Gabapentin?


I have just started Gabapentin for pain in my legs and MS Hug pain.

Just wondered how many others are on Gabapentin and whether it is helping with the pain.

Thanks in advance.

Take care.

Shazzie xx

I have literally just been given this im in hospital with a severe ms relapse follpwing pregnamcyi just took tablet was then coming on forum to ask about this

Hi Shazzie, I have had gabapentin a few times in the past but on pregabalin now as after about a year the gabapentin seemed to stop working for me, like my body wasnt responding to them any more. I found that the gabapentin really helped with my pain and I had no side effects from them at all! I hope they work for you, take care.

Sharon x

Ive got a really twitchy right leg since the tablet xx

Hi shazzie. I’m on it for my twitches and it really helped though I think I’m so used to it now I need to either up the dose or switch to something else. Don’t think I really got any side effects from it. Kate x x x

I’ve been on Gabapentin for about a year now. Some days, it does seem like it takes a while to kick in, and other days it seems to work quite quick.

The only real side effect I’ve experienced is that I get a headache on the odd occasion, but it’s not very often

Yep, a long time ago. I hated it. Thought I was having a relapse the first morning after taking it when I got out of bed and went headfirst into a shelving unit! Stuck it out for four weeks but I was like a zombie.

Pregabalin is SO much nicer and better.

I’m on gabapentin and it works for me for nerve pain and twitching, but they have to titrate your dose up so it took quite a while to get to a dose that worked for me.

Thank you so much for the really helpful replies. I really really appreciate it.

So glad to hear that a lot have not had the side effects. Phew!!!

Thanks again and I am so pleased that a lot of you have got some rest from the pain.

Shazzie xx

Ive been on it a year found it great with pain but like some say you get used to it so on high dose now doing very little for me time for new meds. Only side effect for me is weight gain xx

Thanks Miss Pittstop

I must admit i am worried about the weight gain side effect. I have lost 4 stone over the past few years and would hate to put it all one. Then again I am in a lot of pain now so am looking forward to it helping the pain. Glad it has helped your pain. Can I ask how much weight you have put on roughly during the year? Nightmare isn’t it?

It was to start but thought id rather the weight than the pain. All in all its been 2stone now but I was on 300mg 1x4 a day now now 8x2 300mg tabs so big difference x

Thanks Miss Pittstop. Like you say getting help with pain outweighs the weight gain. Just have to keep a close eye on it I suppose. Best fill the fridge with nice light stuff. My neuro said it is not te Gabapentin that puts on the weight it is the increase in appetite it gives you.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Thanks again for your help.


Thats right hun just wanna eat all time so easy to have crisps and choc.good luck with them xx

Wouldn’t be so bad if I liked fruit. Hehehe!!


Haha oh god not much hope either then lol xx