Pain around ribs and up arm

Hi all,

My hubby has been having pain around his robs and up his arm. This started on Saturday evening.

He also couldn’t make it up our stairs and he had to come back down the stairs on his bottom so I could put him in his wheelchair. I tested his temp and it was 38C so after giving him paracetamols and testing his temp again after 1 hour it had gone back down. Hubby could then get up and walk the stairs again.

This is very strange as he has never had pain ever since he was diagnosed in 2003. I looked it up and what kept coming up with his symptoms was “MS HUG” I know he would beg to differ that this was more than a hug feeling.

Has anyone here got it or had it and what did you do?



ooh! that ms hug is awful! the first time i had it my husband insisted that i needed to go to hospital. i refused so he got my sister round to talk some sense into me. i just new that it wasnt my heart although it must have looked like it with me clutching my ribs!

it went away as suddenly as it had come. i stopped wearing a bra because of it, thankfully i’m not very well endowed.


Hi Caz, it certainly sounds like ‘hug’ which can be very painful… it can feel like a tight corset, or if worse, like having a heart attack. However, best never to assume something is MS. Better see the GP or if it comes back get him along to A&E… just as a precaution.

I suffer quite a bit with hug and always take it as a sign to rest… proper rest in bed. Also, loose clothing, avoid big meals, deep breathing, lying quite flat so that the torso is not bent. Gently rubbing the area can help.

Some of the drugs for used for MS symptoms help, (gabapentin, pregabalin, amitripyline) so if it persists try one of those. I actually find that lemsip helps a bit… but I think it’s because by that time I’m in bed and lemsip helps me to relax… I’m not sure if the paracetamol is actually doing anything, so more of a psychological afffect.

Hope he doesn’t get it back… but if he does, please get it checked out.

Pat x

Thanks everyone the pain did ease off a little but returned this morning. I gave him some Ibuprofen but will see the GP this evening.