Pain and stiffness

Hi to all, I have just been to doctors with pain and stiffness everywhere Neck in between shoulders middle of back lower back hips Stiffness in legs really sore to move heels on feet toes Hands fingers everywhere. Fatigue is relentless worse in afternoon. Numbness in hands tingling. No energy Just don’t feel like doing anything at all. Doc has increased my gabapentin to two 3 times a day Baclofen 3x per day Dolphin500

have you been diagnosed because if not you need to inform your gp that the meds aren’t working for you.

then hopefully you will be referred to neurology.

Hi Catwomen, No i have not been diagnosed yet at all but doctor did say I could have burning and tingleling as Well as my other symptoms I will have to see how I go on but I am sure I will need to be referred at some point. Dolphin500.