As enamoured as i might be, to be on the Tecfidera habit, i try to monitor www news resources to ensure people are not suddenly keeling over because of it.

News regarding Tecfidera (and Biogen, the pharmaceutical who makes it) invariably comes through the financial pages; for Big City Fat Cats who are eager to check share prices and the trends.

Apparently the Biogen share price has taken a knock lately (not usually a good sign) but thankfully not due to their failure or a tragedy, but due to a competitor getting close to making another drug available.

Apparently the ‘pipeline’ for a company called Celgene is hotting up and their latest big hope is supposedly more effective and safer than Tecfidera and Gilenya. The only side effects thus far are headache, increased risk of UTI and a runny nose. Has anyone else heard of Ozanimod?

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