Outbox / sent folder

Where is the outbox or sent folders within private messages?

Hi - messages show as a thread within the inbox rather than in separate folders so if you go into the inbox and open a mssage you’ll see both sent and received messages… unsent messages show in the drafts folder…


So that would be

'There is no outbox or sent folder’

I have memory issues and I don’t always remember if I have sent a message or not, so until the person replies I’ll never know.

Well maybe ignorance is bliss

You can still see if you’ve sent it… It will only show as part of the message thread if you’ve actually sent it, otherwise it’ll be in ‘drafts’…

Ah got it,

Ive just come across same problem so sent two messages in the hope one gets through.

Thanks for highlighting issue. I do like the new format though, its getting a lot easier and user friendly alas.