One month into medication...

Hi All,

I was diagnosed with a mild form of MS in January this year after 6 months of ‘‘grey areas’’, waiting periods and the unknown. I started my chosen medication of Avonex a month ago and it has been fine. I didn’t get a lot of immediate side effects after my first injection (some flu like symptoms, achey, tiredness etc,.) however I experienced lethargy the first week after and my body has tricked me into thinking it is hungry so I have been reaching for the comfort foods too quickly!

When I was diagnosed I was pretty distraught and logged onto this forum for some sort of reassurance. Well, it did me the world of good, which is why I wanted to contribute to help any newly diagnsoed patients. In my experience, nothing is as scary as is expected. Something like MS can be mind-over-matter and I have learned NOT to let it define me. I have told my nearest and dearest only, as I can’t be bothered to handle people’s ‘‘oh my god I’m so sorry to hear that’’ reactions. I found that once I started the medication, for me it is the last obstacle to get over initially - the sooner I can get used to it, the sooner I can slot it to the side of my life. I’m not the biggest fan of needles so the Avonex injection pen suited me the best, as well as it only being administered once a week.

I think these forums are great and I find comfort in knowing that others are going through something similar. And I like to think that I am approachable should anyone have any questions about Avonex.

Thanks for reading this :slight_smile:


Hi Lara and congrats on your first post :slight_smile:

It’s always good to hear of people coming through the other side of Limbo so well and it’ll be great to have another regular poster on here who’s been through the diagnosis and DMD mill so I hope you can find the time to stick around :slight_smile:

I hope the Avonex routine soon settles into normality.

Karen x

Hi Lara, So good to hear that you have not experienced many side effects, I was diagnosed in January and start Avonex tomorrow. Ruth

Hello Lara, Glad to hear your first month has gone well. I have been on Avonex 3 weeks tomorrow and find the pen brilliant. Good luck for tomorrow Ruth x Sam x

Thanks Sam, I must say it smarted a bit but at least I now know what to expect. So far no effects to report but it was only 4 hours ago that I did it. Fingers crossed it remains that way!

Hmm I have a sore throat today, automatically assuming it was a side effect from the injection but on returning home from work my husband also has a sore throat. Very unlikely to be a sympathy symptom so not the injection then - all is good!

Hi Lara,

I have been using avonex for 9 years now and still find myself feeling a little more tired than usual the day after. The side effects of flu type sympton’s occasionaly hit me too usually when I am unwell with other things such as a cold or infection or if I have become completely exhausted. But they are few and far between and I am thankful to have been able to tolerate the drug for so long. I did the pre-filled im injections for 8 half years and switched to a pen last october and dispite years of practice I often give it in such a way it stings a bit or makes me wince but hey there so much better than the im.

I love that you have taken such a positive attitude towards your MS; I did exactly the same and never allow it to define the person I am but I have learned over time to repect it and I now know the days when I cannot push it too far or it will bite me in the B**T

Well done and good luck with your continued use of avonex

joy x

Thanks for your posts guys, its really comforting and reassuring to know we can all talk/discuss/share/seek advice from others walking along a similar path.

Here’s to our great futures :slight_smile: