Once I bend my knees, very painful to stretch out again

Hi. I have questions, and I’m praying to hear from someone else who knows what I’m talking about and can hopefully hello me with it. A few weeks ago, I had bent down on my knees while looking through a drawer, and my right leg didn’t want to open up again. So painful. Keeps happening if I bend my leg . The left one too, but not nearly as bad as the right. I can’t get up barely when I bend down. Frustrated and overwhelmed. If I am even sitting in a chair, is they are happy bent, omg, I have to slowly stretch it out before it will even support me, and so painful. I don’t even walk the same most of the time anymore. Please, am I the only one?

Hi Vanessa, nope your not on your own, if I sit real axed with my knees in the normal position when I come to straighten them omg the pain is a killer also if I sit with my legs up outstretched and I come to get up to walk, the pain is just as bad .

hi vanessa

yep i’m afflicted too.

my walking stick is my life saver although it doesn’t help with getting up.

carole x

Me to its the devils own affliction I really struggle with stairs

Here’s another with the same condition, Vanessa. I have to use a Zimmer to walk - holding on with both hands - so I have to wait until the knees will hold me up. then I can step with my right foot, and drag the left (fropped) foot behind me, hoping that the left knee will not give way again. Geoff

I had to reorganise all of my drawers and things, everything I need on a daily basis at the top and middle, old tat I don’t need everyday at the bottom. I also don’t have wardrobes just one tall cupboard in the hallway with shelves, so I have turned this into a wardrobe and banged loads of nails in on the edge of the shelves. This means for days when I can’t bend or get down I just hook the clothes, coats etc up on the nails. Its not a perfect system, sometimes they all fall down and I throw them about in a temper then have to stick them all up again, but it is much easier than keep trying to get up from the bottom drawer. I once got stuck in Asda up the road, I had reached down to the beans on the bottom shelf leant on my stick and nothing happened! Marooned like a porpous, I had to wait till a nice gent came past and picked me up. At least it is not as bad as when I thought I could garden in the front yard, leant on a stick which wasn’t a stick and ended up marooned yet again with my head in the dirt and bum facing the clouds. Oh well, not the first time just the first time in the front garden. Anyway, old hat here, waited a min, checked nothing was broken, pushed gently with one wrist, rolled over onto my side, waited again for a min and gathered my dirt covered bits up and dragged it all back into the house! Oh the joys. Much swearing then followed by two days rest and an admission to the powers that be that I had been doing too much.

Do you know what really annoys me too? The shopping baskets on wheels that are supposed to be so great. Marvellous if you can actually bend down or get your back to bend to pick the shopping up out of the bottom of the bag when you get home? Gggggrrrrrr. Why don’t they make one where the basket is higher. Or maybe they have? Oh proper rant today.

Knees - older than the rest of me. Even temerature helps mine, they don’t like going from hot to cold. Also, not very often now but I still do go for a day at a sauna/steam room which does help me tight limbs and knees a bit.

My knees are very affected. Sitting to standing. Standing to sitting, stairs up and down, cannot kneel or crouch

Yep mine are the same if I sit with them up it kills me to bend them and if I have them bent it’s painfull to straighten them out I just try and do the two often so my knees don’t seize up.