Finally had a response from Critical Illness people, they said they are paying out and I’ll get the cheque in the next couple of days. Sounds weird but I feel like I’ve been diagnosed again. In shock! Suz xx

Hi Suzie,

Well done you!  Good to hear they paid up without hassle.

I know what you mean, though.

I had expected (hoped?) mine would argue I didn't really have MS, which would still have left me a glimmer of hope they might be right.

But they paid up so promptly, I thought: "Damn!  Must be a dead cert I've got it then."

I'd never seriously thought my neuro was wrong, but I did expect a little bit of counter-argument.  I was shocked there wasn't any.


That's good news.  A financial cushion between you and the hard ground is a good thing to have.  So there you go - something's gone right!



:slight_smile: thanks ladies. The payout will actually do so much and relieve so much pressure. Suz xx

What a relief for you, at least you dont have the worry of paying your mortgage now.


jaki  xx