Omg having a bad time

Over the last couple of days I have been noticing numbness from my neck down my shoulder arm and hand also fingers this includes pain aswell but when I’m using my arm or hand its tingling and I feel unable to move my arm/hand and fingers also over the last couple of hours I’m getting a pain in my chest when I breathe oh its my right arm/hand and I have already had my chest checked.

hi kaza

have you been diagnosed?

or at least been seen by a neurologist?

if you haven’t then ask your gp to refer you to neurology.

if you have then ask your ms nurse.

carole x

No I haven’t been diagnosed yet waiting for my neuroligist appointment. X

You could ring the neuro`s secretary and ask how far down the list you are.

If you find it is a long time, then maybe think about going private, just for the initial consultation…further appointments and tests can be done on the NHS…that`s what I did due to a 10 month waiting list.


My GP has just wrote to the neuroligist last week I have looked up its going to be approx 12 weeks for my appointment.

There is no way I could go private. X

Hi Kaza

I was diagnosed 2 wks ago after a MRI scan confirmed I had MS, I also lost all feeling down my left side, they thought I had had a stroke. Having a really difficult 6 wks, a private consultation should be between £150 -£200. Well worth it. Hope you feel better soon .