Early, mild symptoms - is it worth getting a private consultation?

I’m a 26-year-old woman and I’ve had seemingly neurological symptoms for about 4 months now, but so far they’ve been quite mild. I’m trying to figure out whether I should just manage my anxiety and wait for the NHS appointment, or get seen privately.

In April, I experienced pins and needles in my hands and forearms for the first time in my life, which freaked me out as I’d never had that sensation before. I also had some upper back pain and concluded it’s probably just a strained nerve. The sensation went away in a week.

In late June, I suddenly felt my left hand go slightly numb, and it stayed that way for several days, with pins and needles in both hands developing over the next few days. I could still grip things and move my hand normally, but it felt more difficult than usual, and I was very anxious. This is when I first started worrying that my symptoms might be an early sign of MS. I went to see my GP, who did basic neurological checks and said it’s probably cubital tunnel syndrome, but I should come back if the symptoms get worse as it could warrant a referral to a neurologist. The sensations gradually faded, and for a few weeks I felt completely healthy again.

However, in late July/early August, I’ve had more new symptoms - one morning I woke up feeling very dizzy, and the vertigo lasted for a couple of hours. Again I could still walk and coordinate, but it felt distracting. I’ve also felt a slight feeling of numbness around my mouth and tongue. Last night I had a headache with mild nausea lasting several hours, which is unusual for me. When I woke up this morning, I had slight tingling in my hands again.

I decided to get in touch with my GP again and sent in an e-consult saying I would like to be considered for a referral to a neurologist. However, I’m worried that even if my GP agrees, the wait will take a year or longer. Therefore I’m wondering if it would be worth it to shell out hundreds for a private consultation and fast-track the diagnostics process. I am aware that my symptoms are mild and aren’t really stopping me from doing anything at the moment - it’s mostly just the anxiety that it could get worse that’s gnawing at me. I know it’s also possible that my anxiety is making me hyper-vigilant about sensations in my body that might be normal.

At this point, I’m not sure if the benefits of a possible early diagnosis would justify the high cost. I thought this forum might be the best place to ask. Would it be more sensible to wait for the GP’s opinion and referral or book a private consultation?