Oh what irony


Life was slow progress. That notion of social mobility is all very well but the road is paved with prejudices.

Then after achieving my goal, I met the beast.

I’ve tried to write this account up to 1990 without hindsight.

Warning, contains some industrial vocabulary.


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A very good blog Steve , you did well putting up with the prejudice. Do you still play your piano? Michelle and Frazer xx

Another good blog Steve. It brought back horrid memories of school and college. I absolutely hated them. I was only happy once I’d got my qualifications and settled into a job I loved. The last few years I was nursing I was finding the physicality of it so difficult (ms had kicked in unknown to me) and I was grateful when my employer sent me to do my degree as a nurse mentor. University at 40 wasn’t easy but I persevered and got it, only to be retired on health grounds 2 months later!! How frustrating!!! I always loved the teaching part of nursing and had been told by so many people that I was really good at it, I had all the patience in the world for those who were interested in learning. My daughter has the gift as well, she was asked to help a few of the boys at school with her to help with their English and the teachers were amazed that she alone brought them from a fail to a B and C. She is currently doing ancient history, Latin and ancient Greek at uni before doing her PGCE (I think that’s what it’s called, the teaching course) in order to teach at GCSE and A Level, though her current teachers are pushing her to get her doctorate to teach at uni. I envy you being talented with musical instruments. I tried both the piano and flute when Jen was learning to play them to find I was totally useless. I’ll stick to banging the pans while cooking. We all have limitations. Keep up the blogs Steve, very thought provoking. Cath