Offered tue job but then declined due to having MS

I was diagnosed with relapse and remitting MS 4 years ago and been receiving tysbri treatment for almost 2 and half years. The treatment has stabilised my condition (as confirmed by my Neurologist) I decided to have a career change and apply As an ambulance technician. Passed the fitness test ( which is tough hahaha) had the interview and was offered the job!!! (Subject to Occupation health assessment & reference) signed the contract and returned it. Had my OHA. Which I knew would tough… To find out that the OH consultant has stated in writing her view " With regards to her neurological condition she would not be fit for professional driving" … I am so disillusioned with not being labeled… Can’t find anywhere that’s states if you have MS you can’t be a “professional driver”. Feeling gutted!!

Its gutting isn’t it.

As you’ll be on a 3 yr temporary licence certain ‘rule’ apply. I lost my right to drive a7.5 tonn lorry which as we have horses and daughter competes was a big thing for me. I can still tow tho which imo is harder and requires a lot more concentration so don’t do it.

I could have got it back on but would have had to get medical at cost £80 then and no guarentees I would get it anyway.

I’m sure it said if drove for profession there were steps you could take such as a medical or such. I can’t remember all the advice it gave in the leaflet when I got my temporary licence returned.

Sorry it didn’t work out for you

Gladys thanks for your email, hope that your daughter is doing well with her horse competitions… How is your condition.

That seems really unfair, you should check this out. Your Neuro confirmed your condition was stable, your allowed to drive, you’ve passed fitness test. I’m getting a bad smell about this. Did you declare having MS when you applied for the job? Noreen x

May be worth contacting the DVLA and see if they can advise - it might be covered under the restrictions of the 3 yr license…

I believe this is illegal because if you are licenced to drive a vehicle then that is the DVLA decision based on you meeting the correct criteria. A nurse cannot change that. You have been discriminated against. It is black and white. You are licenced to drive certain vehicles, then you can drive them. Unless it is not about the driving aspect but doing the job generally but even so I think a nurse cannot discriminate by projecting into the future. Only doctors are qualified to make judgements on conditions like M.S nurses know nothing unless she is a specialist MS nurse. They have breached the equalities act so please do something about it.

yeah - what MarkHawkins said!!!

Seriously hun - It really does seem like you have been discriminated against and I would definitely take it further. Speak to the DVLA, your doctor and also the Citizens advice bureau. It seems like wires have been crossed somewhere.

Do let us know how you get on. After having the guts to change career and go through everything else it does seem unfair to let it go at this last hurdle.

Fingers crossed hun, lots of luck

JBK xx

On the face of it, it does look like you have grounds to take this further.
I for one would look into it. You may not get the job back offer back, but you may certainly make them think twice next time. If someone has been unprofessional, they need pulling up, for all our sakes.

Good luck.

This seems really unfair. If you passed the medical then surely you are fit to do the job. Maybe in the future… could be applied to anyone in any physical job. Ask for a re assessment with a different person if possible. I’ve seen 1 fab person at OH and one who should have signed themselves off as unfit for role. The opinion of 1 person is worth fighting. Good luck. xx

Everyone…you have made me feel so much better !! I am going to peruse this!!! Will take the advice and ask for aa re-assesment… Can someone please explain the 3 year driving license ?

As you have MS you are legally required to inform the DVLA who will issue with a license that has to be reviewed (&hopefully renewed) every three yrs. You fill in a form and they then contact your GP and neurologist Sorry if you already know that and that wasn’t what you were asking…

Emmmmm I did not know that!!.. I was diagnosed 4 years ago And I did contact the DVLA to notify them and asked they asked me if I had suffered any vision symptoms. As I did not, they advised that there would be no restriction…and did not complete any forms and have been driving every since!!!

Emmmmm I did not know that!!.. I was diagnosed 4 years ago And I did contact the DVLA to notify them and asked they asked me if I had suffered any vision symptoms. As I did not, they advised that there would be no restriction…and did not complete any forms and have been driving every since!!!

Do know think it would wise to get a form filled out form my neurologist to say that I am fit to drive?

Hi Happy21

Daughter doing fine in comps her dad tows her. Miss my lorry tho.

Just so you know you need to inform your insurance company re the MS.They can’t charge you any more but it invalidates insurance if they are not informed. We did find some companies just refused to give you a quote on those compare sites tho.

Hope you get it sorted.

Happy21’, I think that if you’ve notified dvla and they have said that you are fit to drive then it is not up to you to then do anything. I wonder a bit too, because I told them about my ms many years ago and they just replied to say I was fit to continue driving, that’s it. However, I have a letter fro m them stating this and the letter says to keep the letter and I have. Do you have anything in writings?

Anon, it’s a tough question you are asking. Tbh, I’m not sure you are being discrimated against. There are some jobs that you can’t do if you have medical conditions, and being a professional driver may be one of them. Is it an ambulance you would be driving. I’m sure you would be fine and so are you. But maybe they don’t want to take a chance, it’s quite a demanding job with high risks if something goes wrong. I mean, I don’t think an airline pilot would be able to work as a pilot if they had a medical condition. I would ask them for an explanation and explain your disappointment. I would n’t start pursuing on discrimination grounds for now. If you can’t be a driver are there any other jobs you could do instead since they have offered you a job, they may then be prepared to move you to a job in another department for which you wouldn’t be disqualified on medical grounds. Cheryl:-)

You must definitely notify the DVLA when you have been diagnosed with MS. There is an application form you can download on their website. If you look on the site, you will see a list of medical conditions, that you must tell them about and MS is one of them :slight_smile:

Sorry!! Just form :slight_smile:

heres a link worth looking into

it says a little more about dribving for the emergency services, I cant make head nor tail of it bou you might be guided from this as to whether you have a case. I think they may be making the judgement if your licence needs reviewing every 3 years and this happens in the middle of your contract and you are stopped from driving you would not be able to work out the rest of your contract, but regardless, Im sure its the DVLA that pass judgement on your ability to drive, not occy health. Speak to Equality and Human Rights commission for guidance.