Just an update as promised; today I had my infusion of Ocrevus,(Ocrelizumab, a.k.a “O Crikey”) and it was OK - not too worried as it wasn’t my first infusion and I knew I was unlikely to get a bad reaction - I was nervous about the first one but not nearly so bad this time. No site reactions, just a long, slow day… as instructed I rang the hospital at 8.30am to confirm I was going to show up, and did indeed turn up at quarter to ten for a 10am start. However, it got to 1 pm before anything kicked off. Finished at 4.45pm and all OK. As usual they couldn’t find a decent vein to use (my shy veins again) and had to put the cannula in the back of my right hand…I was seriously relieved when they finally got it in, but it was a pain when I needed the loo and had to shunt the dripstand ahead of me all the way.Then the saline flush to finish off,but had to hang around for an hour while they took extra observations and blood pressure every few minutes (so I couldn’t even have a nap) and finally decided that I was good to go, and took the cannula out. I’m heading for bed now, absolutely knackered… but still here and that’s it for another 6 months! Relief.

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Hi, glad to hear it went ok for you. Have you found any benefits to the infusion yet? I believe it is supposed to slow down progression.xx

Not sure of effects as yet… anecdotal evidence from Mister Fracastorius - he thinks my brain fog has cleared a bit - but won’t have definite evidence until next MRI, I suppose. I think I’m stable at the moment and just hoping it stays that way!