Ocrevus questions

Hello Apologies if this is the wrong place, but it appears I am being switched from Tecfidera to Ocrevus and i have a few questions. Do you need to stay overnight for this treatment? The site advises no having children for women due to issues with the child, could this issue be the same if the Male had the treatment (ie can it pass) ? Apologies if these are obvious questions or answered elsewhere, just in a bit of shock and anxious about a change. Thank you Jason

Hi there ,

I have recently had Ocrevus infusions .The first dose is split into 2 being you have 300mls on day one (which takes around 4 hrs) followed on day 14 with another 300mls (again lasting around 4 hrs). I had mine on 11th march and 25th march .

Next infusion is booked for 12th September.

You are only in hospital for the day no over night stay .

Please feel free to ask me any questions if I will try to answer any questions .

Hi Kerste Can I ask which hospital you are having your treatment at?



Hi there ,

I am currently having Ocrevus treatment at QE Birmingham .I with 2 other ladies are the first to have at QE (although other parts of uk has been funding since 2018) but neurologist consultant commented that if it goes well they will be able to offer to others as optional treatment.

I have been lucky enough to meet up with both recipients of Ocrevus and have my had my infusion treatment with one of the ladies so we have been able to support each other and keep in contact .Our next treatment is 12th September.

Feel free to ask questions that I may be able to answer.

Hi I started ocrelizumab in December 18 and due 2nd infusion in June. As mentioned it’s done as a day case. And you get a dose of steroids beforehand which is good for a boost! No side effects for me so far. Not sure about effect on male fertility or issues with conceiving whilst male on it.

hope helps


pls tell me Ocrelizumab infusions for rrms & ppms…does that include us with SPMS?

Only for RRMS at the moment unfortunately - not even for PPMS