Ocrelizumab !?

Hi there …

Wondering what peoples thoughts are about this new possible drug… Looks like results are out next month :slight_smile:

Anyone know anything about it?

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The Barts Blog has covered this drug a fair bit over the years.

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Thanks whammel … I’ll have a read through that.

I searched on this forum yesterday and found someone called “Stevie” that was involved in the trial but I can’t find that post now :confused: … I was wondering how they were getting on… Anyone know?

Thanks x

Found the post by Stevie! Anyone know how he’s doing? x

I suspect Ocrelizumab didn’t work out too well, because he went to Russia for HSCT last year and think he is now doing ok. This is his blog in case you are interested and have a spare $45,000 handy.

Perhaps Biotin might be worth keeping an eye on, as the anecdotal reports on here are quite good.

Thanks Whammel… I have tried biotin but it made me feel very dizzy, spacey, headachey, increased my stiffness and spasticity so unfortunately this isn’t the path for me… I also don’t have a spare 45 grand so will keep following Bart’s news and hope for a miracle :slight_smile:

Thanks x