Nursing, Vertigo + MS


I’ve only recently been diagnosised with MS, so it’s all a bit new to me. I started with optic neuritis back in Jan in my right eye, which has by in large cleared up now (thankfully). I’m (un)fortunate enough depending on your point of view to already be under a neurology as I have epilepsy, so after going to the local eye casualty the diagnosis came about quite quickly. However, over the last week I’ve had what I’d descride as ‘Vertigo’. I feel sick and my head is all a fog, and the room and everything in it isn’t quite as it should be. I wouldn’t quite go so far as to say it’s swaying - if I stop and look at any one object, then I can see that it isn’t. But it’s that kind of a feeling. I’ve had it before, but for none medical reasons - I’ve been sailing, and you get it when you come back ashore. It’s that kind of feeling.

Anyway, I was firstly wondering if anyone else has had this kind of thing? How long does it last for (guessing it’ll be different for everyone, but it’ll be good to know your experiences)? And what did you do to combat it?

Also, I’m a student nurse. So I’m a little worried about how all of this is going to affect my placements (not to mention my work in the future). If anyone has any inside into this, or any advise (you don’t have to be a nurse / student nurse), then I’d really appreciate it. Also, how would you advise I manage the vertigo with my next placement (rapidly advancing on me) - and whilst the uni know about the ms, because it’s so knew to them and me, there’s nothing in place for it at the moment. No-one thought there was any need. Is it possible to do nursing with MS? I go back to see my neurologist in a couple of weeks, but that is only 4 days before I start my placement - no time to change anything. And I’ve got a very busy ward.

Sorry to go on, but thanks for any advice that you can give me,