Nurse for my mum at home

Hi everyone. My mum has had MS since around 2010, in 2012 she spent a whole year in hospital with various infections, she came out in 2013, although she was wheelchair bound and needing carers four times a day, with the help of my dad she had a pretty good few years. In 2016 she was diagnosed with leukaemia and started chemotherapy tablets at the end of 2017, she was fine and then Christmas 2017 she became very unwell and had sepsis and pneumonia and she was admitted to hospital. Since then she has been in hospital twice more and is currently in with further infections. Doctors are saying that she may need to go into a nursing home as she needs more medical help, my dad, my sister and I do not want that and would prefer it if she had nursing care at home.

Can anyone recommend a nurse who could offer that sort of care at home? My parents live in the Hertfordshire area.

Many thanks


would the district nurses come out to her and carers do the rest.

it’s a tough time for all involved.

make sure that the stress doesn’t impact on the family.

Loopylou, i really would advise that you choose a nursing home. Your mom obviously needs 24/7 nursing care now and some of it entirely medical. In a decent nursing home, and there ARE some, she can get that and they will have all the equipment in house - hoists, special beds.

As she has/had cancer, have you tried Marie Curie nurses?