Numbness medication

I’ve been suffering the hug now for four months, no pain just numbness,my gp prescribed me gabapentin,i took for two weeks i noticed no difference, i spoke to my gp who said as gapapentin is mainly prescribed for pain and i have no pain i may as well stop taking them,what on earth do i do?.

I don’t understand your post. You’ve titled it ‘numbness medication’ but then said you’ve had the ‘hug’ for 4 months. The hug, by its very name, is different to numbness. It’s when you feel like you’re being squeezed. So in a way the opposite of numbness. See the MS Trust info on it:

So if you feel numb, it’s not likely to be the hug.

But for numbness, I don’t think there’s any medication as such.


Should have been titled Hug Medication,after four months of having the hug i’m having day to day trouble thinking straight,damn you ms

Do you take LDN - as it put a stop to the ‘hug’ for me - also trigeminal neuralgia and brain fog.

Do the nhs prescribe LDN?, got a appt on 1st August with neurologist

go back to your gp and try another pain/nerve med?but don’t stop the gapapentin cold turkey, can have bad side effects depending on the dose you are on.

LDN seems to be a hit or miss for being prescribed on the NHS, worth a shot to ask tho

The only thing that stopped hug symptoms for me was a course of steroids and it wasn’t gone right away, took a week or 2 but during that time it did gradually get better.

lts easy enough to get with a private prescription via e-med. You will need a letter from your GP stating that you have MS.

I don’t understand. If you are just having numbness rather than pain, why are you taking pain medication? What are you hoping it will do? Sorry for being thick, but I don’t follow.


I told ms nurse and gp about numbness,and both said take gabapentin,i know its useless they know its bloody useless but until i see neurologist in august and start a dmd i’m stuffed,you hear tales of ms sufferers contemplating suicide i’m not bloody surprised,you wait months on end then you get to see a neurologist,on my last visit he turned up an hour late then ticked off my symptoms on a list,then told he’d see me in six months, i was in the room for 2 minutes then sent on my way

When I started my first DMD, it really boosted my morale and helped me feel that the fight-back had started. Quite apart from the good work it did with damping down the MS. I hope that you find the same.


What DMD are you on Alison,having the hug for the past four months has started to affect my morale,i really need proper medication

Keep in your mind majove, that a DMD will not improve your current symptoms, the aim of a disease modifying drug is to prevent relapses and reduce severity of relapses. To ease existing symptoms, you’d need either steroids (which to my mind it’s a bit late for if your relapse has been going on for several months) or symptomatic relief (for numbness there really isn’t a suitable medication), or just time for the numbness to hopefully pass.

Meanwhile, while you’re waiting for your neurologist to start talking about potential DMDs, have a think about what you would rather take. You could have a look at the tool developed by the MS Trust:


Avonex for 10 years then Tysabri for the past 5, once the Avonex was no longer enough to get the job done. My MS was aggressive from the start, I’m afraid, so DMDs have been a blessing. I hate to think what sort of shape I would be in without them.