now im worried

been to see opthamologist today, my eyesight is deteriating rapidly in particlarly my right eye. after field vision test which i failed miserably, i was taken straight into consultant. he told me the optic nerve in my right eye was much paler than last time. even more worrying they had found a swelling at the back of my brain. at first i thought oh its probably a lesion, then he said we may be able to remove it. we will know more after you have an mri. so now i have to wait for an appointment to come then see him again in january for the outcome. oh balls. what the hell next…x

Oh my heart goes out to you, having to wait to see what all this means.

Sending you loads of ((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))), know you are not alone, and I send you love and support.



Zelda I’ve Got an appointment next Wednesday and I’m quite worried too I had optic neuritis in my left eye 11 years ago that lasted 18 weeks, I had steroids solumedrone, finally got full sight back but then at the end of July I had what I can only describe as looking through a kaleidescope in the same eye, this lasted about 6 hours, however since then if I close my right eye I have trouble differentiating certain things eg colours white is grey fushia pink is pale pink!! Also getting a lot of eye pain. I feel quite anxious & hope they don’t find anything un towards. I think if it was really serious they would see you before January. Thinking of you Suex

That sounds like a difficult waiting time to cope with,but on the up side at least they are ontop of it and thinking of possible treatments.

As Sue says because they are being pro active once the scan has been done they may call you earlier if they are concerned by it.

Hang in there


Zelda, l can understand how worried you are - our eyes are so precious to us. lf its of any help to you - my friend had to give up driving because of her diabetes effecting her eyesight. Her licence was taking off her - and living in a rural area with no buses - luckilly a friend picked her up to take her to work. Then after having laser-op on her eyes [which she had to pay for privately] she got back her eyesight and eventually her driving licence. Before the laser treatment - all she could see was a very narrow ‘tunnel’. l think the nhs would have done the op - but it meant waiting for a long time.

When will you be going for your mri ? - Keep us all in touch - we will all give our support over web.


so sorry to hear this, you must be so worried,and having to wait all that time to find out,i would try and push to get the MRI done earlier if i were you,its too long to wait ,ring the hospital up, and explain what it will do to your health,having to wait that long.sometimes we have to shout before anyone will listen.


jaki xx

Hi Zelda,

So sorry to her your news, but as Pip has said if there is something to really worry about they will call you back very quickly. I know it’s not easy but try not to worry to much until you know what you are dealig with. In the mean time sending (((((HUGS)))) and will be thinking of you.



Hi Zelda,

I really don’t know what to say as this hideous disease is so unpredictable but I hope everything will be alright for you. All I can do is send my LOVE and let you know I am thinking of you.

((((((Warm hugs and lots of love))))) Mary

Not sure if this will help, but if it is a lump of some sort, it is much MUCH more likely to be benign than anything nasty. That’s why they’re talking about January rather than rushing you into surgery right away.

I realise that it’s probably impossible, but try not to worry too much!


Karen x

So sorry about this Zelda, hope you get some better news very soon but know this must be a worrying time for you.

Sending you hugs and best wishes.

Wendy x

Oh Janet, how worrying and frightening for you. Poor little love!

Cant they do it before January? It`s a long time to wonder what it is, eh?

From what Ive read re Optic Neuritis/MS, vision problems do clear up, maybe not back to good, but this is more frightening, Im sure.

Thinking of you.

luv Pollx

Hi Sue, good luck for Wednesday hun.

luv Pollx

Thank you Poll x

thankyou to all for your kind words,

just letting you all know ive got an appointment for mri on 19th nov and estimated time of scan is 2 hours! i think a few sprays of sativex should calm me down, i might even nod off.


I had my eye test at opthamologist today and he couldn’t find anything un-toward apart from he said my retina was pale?? Now sending me for a scan for further investigation - oh the joys of MS! Zelda glad you got your appointment through - keeping everything crossed for you and hoping they find nothing serious. Sue xx