Not yet diagnosed

I started getting problems last year . Black spots on my eyes, dizziness, walking as if I was drunk , dropping cups for no reason etc The doctor did some blood tests and MRI all came back clear . I’ve been ok for about a year but this week I’ve had trouble swallowing. Extreme tiredness. Dropping things again falling over and an incredible pain in my shoulder for three days , now my shoulder feels weak and my arm heavy. Could this be another bout. Don’t know if its me over reacting .my husband thinks I’m just overworking myself .

Hi Jooles x Only you know your body and whether things are not right! All you can do is go back to your GP I’m afraid xxjenxx

Hi, sounds like something`s not right hun.

I would go see GP and ask if you need a new referral, eh?

Or you could rest up a while and see how you feel.