not getting over ms and general rant SORRY

if you havent fell asleep by the end of this then congratulations. how long does it take before you properly get over having ms? i thought that after a yr that id be over it and get used to it by now, obviously not, every time i read about a so called cure for ms or even the idea of a perfect cure then i get my hopes up, read all about it and wait for it to come on the news that its true…but it never does, then i get distraught that its never going away and i cant get rid of this curse that ive been dumped with, do you ever get to the point where you dont get your hopes up because you realise theres no cure out there, im still at the point that i just want rid of this as soon as possible, i dont like trying to fight my own body just to get a bit of control and how fast in the space of a year that its going downhill and getting worse, i dont talk to my ms nurse as the last time i got the impression i p’d him off by calling and asking for something, i feel like im a nuisance so i dont want to bother any of them any more so then id be one less person for them. i try not to ask for much, only what i really need like grab rails and a kitchen stool to help me, i feel guilty even having asked for them, i cant move to a smaller flat as the council now refuse to move me as i have a cat which they know about, they say i have to apply for propertys that say i need to ask permission for pets (theres nothing like that with the council) they knew i have a cat, but now say they wont move me because i have a cat, so now im stuck in a flat thats too big and i cant downsize, it says in there website if your disabled and need a ground floor flat then to tell them, so i did and thats the crap i get off them, so in order to get a flat thats suitable they want me to get rid of my cat before they will help, i told them theres no way in hell im getting rid of murphy, i cant, just the thought gets me upset and really stressed, i know wat will happen to me if ever he does go and it wont be nice, the counsellor and psychiatrist both said that having him is doing me good as he helps me with my mental illnesses, i know im shouldnt moan about not being able to downsize as i know im luckier than most by just having a home, but by me downsizing to a smaller flat then a family who needs a bigger flat can move in, i tried the home swapper site and i have to habe permission from the council to take murphy with me which they wont give, im so stuck, im sorry for a long rant and moan, if you want to say stop being selfish then feel free i wont get offended

I can’t understand why You’re not allowed to have a cat or even a small dog in a flat. If you were talking about a large dog then perhaps that’s understandable. I know how you feel about not having your cat, i would be distraught if I didn’t have my two cats, I love them and all cats, they are wonderful creatures and such good company.

in alot of ways murphy has helped me so much, especially by stopping me from doing something stupid coz i need to consider him n wat will happen to him, theres a few people in the block i live in that have cats n dogs including the people that just moved in above me that have a big dog with them, id rather have to crawl around where i am than get rid of my cat