Not diagnosed, but it's been mentioned as a possibility

Hi all,

Just over a week ago, I lost half my sight in my left eye and had constant pain in this eye and my head. I also experienced dizziness and nausea. I went to the hospital and they tested for stroke and meningitis (both negative).

The following day I went to the eye hospital where they checked for a detached retina (negative) and then sent me for an MRI. As it was now late (around 10pm) the doctor in the ER told me that the neurologist’s report said they had found lesions on my brain. The doctor mentioned that this could be an indicator of MS, but that nothing is certain right now.

I am going back to the hospital tomorrow morning to speak with a neurologist and will hopefully get more information. It’s currently almost 2am, I’m due to wake up at 6am to go to the hospital and I can’t sleep. My head is splitting and I am worrying so incredibly much.

My family thinks what I am experiencing is simply due to stress and that I am exaggerating what is going on. Having read through the site, I’ve realised there’s more things that I’m experiencing that tick the boxes for MS. Thing is, I don’t want to go looking for symptoms that make a link just to get an answer, but at the same time, I need to know what’s going on.

Has anyone else experienced a pre-diagnoses reaction like this? Am I being silly?

You aren’t being silly at all. It is a completely natural reaction.You may or may not ms but if you do don’t assume the worst, I am sure you will be fine. Katx

p.s let us know how you get onx